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  Step 1: Firstly, you would like to form a variety for the Hulu application on the device and click on login. Step 2: you'll be given a choice on the Screen to activate Hulu through your computer. to urge your unique Hulu activation code, make a click on the Activate on a computer option. On your TV screen, you'll receive the code . The activation code may be 6 characters alphanumeric combination. Have a glance at the sample code: GE56RF Step 3: Now you'll have the right Hulu activation code to activate the Hulu membership on your device, you would like to go to on your computer. you'll get to check-in. So, log in to your Hulu account through the login credentials. Now make a click on the “Manage Your Devices” or “Activate your device” option as per your requirements. Hulu Activate  | Hulu Customer Service  | Hulu/Activate  |